Reasons why you should book Vietnam tour package

1. Street food

A lot of magazines have acclaimed this Asia country on having flavoury street food. That’s why it is definitely advisable to try Vietnamese food during your holiday packages to Vietnam. It does not need complex cooking way to make a appetizing dish, in contrast the procedure to make street food is astoundingly simple. Normally it may take 1-2 minutes to get a great meal.It surely is not difficult to find a food store; frankly speaking you can see them anywhere and anytime you go.Wandering along Vietnamese road, you will come across street food stalls all over the place.During my Vietnam travel packages, I vote the experience of eating food in the streets to be the most incredible memory of mine.

2. Cross the road
One of the most essencial technique you have to know when have tour packages in Vietnam is the skill to go across the roads.Resulting from the wide-using of motorbike, the roadways in Vietnam is full of two-wheel vehicles which could hardly anticipate their movement.Make sure you walk steadily across the lane. Any attempt to run as well as immediately change the speed is forbidden.You actually can ask the citizens to provide help to; they are actually pleasant and don’t mind assisting you.I like the feeling once i have successfully reach the other side of the lane. It makes me feel I have received victory in some difficult game!

3. Coffee
Being the 2nd major coffee producer in the world, Vietnam is the paradise of coffee.That’s why it will most likely be a huge loss when you vacation at Vietnam without trying the taste of “original coffee”.Coffee in Vietnam is generally mixed with sweeten condense milk, which results in an exceptional flavor.Trung Nguyen is one among the legendary coffee brand in Vietnam.Drinking coffee in the store of Vietnam makes me feel happy and relieving.

4. Halong bay
One among the leading desirable spots for tourists in Vietnam is Halong bay. Being called a world heritage site, Halong bay is really as spetacular as praise on the internet.I guess that the astonishing landscape in Halong can make you amazed with surprising.Mother Nature has favoured Halong Bay with hundred of great limestone islands, that is covered by rainforests in the top, combined with pure water with color so green as emerald.You would be dazzled by the number of shapes and sizes of those limestone karsts and isles.A free advice is to avoid public holiday and peak time when visiting here.

Tips for visiting Van village in Danang

5. City parks
Vietnamese local parks are full of cheerful melodies as well as activities.On a regular basis, as the day starts and even in the sunset, you could find a crowd of men and women performing aerobics or dancing with each other beside the lake.A few feet away, numerous small group of individuals is walking or running around the park.Collective activity is an excellent characteristic in Vietnam’s lifestyle.It is possible to join those daily activities with amusement if you wish; do not worry, you will be all the time welcome as Vietnamese people are pleasant.

Next time I will try Myanmar tour package… Or maybe Vietnam Laos and Cambodia tours..:P

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